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Tesla model 3 in UK mid next year, maybe

Recently Elon Musk gave a shout out to the UK market about the timescales for a local or in other words a Right Hand...

UPS to increase use of Electric vans in the Capital

Battery-powered delivery vans weighing over seven tons could prove to be cheaper to own and run than traditional diesel vehicles by the early 2020s,...

Nissan moves into Energy Storage with old LEAF batteries

News that Nissan has fond a novel way to utilise old LEAF battery packs. Convert them into lamp posts. This week, Nissan and  4R Energy...

Volvo to Eliminate ICE or Internal Combustion Engines

All Volvo cars launching from next year will have an Electric Motor. Volvo recently announced that all car models it introduces, starting in 2019, will...
nisan leaf in norway

Norway leads the world in EV market share

More than half of new Norway car sales now full electric or hybrid Sales of electric and hybrid cars exceeded half of new registrations in...
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