The Best Cheap Electric Cars of 2016 in the US

Also known as EV’s, electric cars were once thought of as an engineering dream that was out of reach for the majority of people that would want to drive one. Today, the electric car market is booming and there are more available than ever before yet many people have questions about the best ones for sale. While there are many options to choose from, we have narrowed the list down to show you the best electric cars of 2016 so that you will know which may best suit the lifestyle that you have or the amenities that you may want to have with the car that you will purchase.

While personal preference will vary from one person to the next, we have outlined the best electric cars of 2016 to help make car shopping easier to do.

Chevrolet Spark EV


The Chevrolet Spark EV is a fully electric minicar that is completely emissions free and can travel up to 119 MPGe via the highway and 82MPGe in the city. It is essentially the most productive electric cars available to U.S. consumers and has a sales price of under $26,000. This car uses a rapid charger and can charge to 80% in under 20 minutes with a DC fast charge system and a full charge in less than 7 hours when using a 2540V battery charger. It is, of course, always wise to have a quality charging cable on hand to get the most efficient charge as quickly as possible. The Chevrolet Spark EV offers remote start and pre-cooling/heating, Wi-Fi hotspot and On Star $G LTE as well as the comfort that only as a fully functional 7-inch LCD display screen that connects with a smartphone for the use of informative apps and to view vital information about the Spark EV performance. This car can be used in a normal drive mode as well as a sport mode with faster acceleration.

Volkswagen e-Golf

E Golf

The Volkswagen e-Golf has an EPA estimation for 126 miles of highway driving and 105 miles in the city and can go up to 83 miles per charge. The e-Golf comes fully equipped with a touchscreen information and entertainment system and navigation may be added if the owner prefers to have it. With no gasoline there will be no polluting emissions and this car is roomy for passengers and equipped with an easy to access hatch back for storage during travel. The e-Golf includes great features including front assist, park pilot and park assist with help alert the driver of possible collisions as well as audible signals that help to park and pull out into traffic safely. Pricing starts at $28,000 and includes keyless access, a rear camera system and a media touchscreen sound system.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

bolt EV

The Chevrolet Bolt EV is another great electric car manufactured by Chevrolet and is an affordable option for those looking for a reliable EV. This car will be released for the 2017 sales year and is one of the most powerful EV’s to hit the market with a 200 Horsepower electric engine that has the capability of going up to 200 miles per charge. Pricing is expected to begin as low as $30,000 for this all electric vehicle. The interior is roomy and has rear foldable seats for storage in the cargo area when the seats are not in use. The Bolt EV seats five comfortably, has a 10.2-inch touchscreen entertainment system and no emissions that would pollute the atmosphere. The charging system will completely charge the car in 9 hours when using a 240-volt charger. 4G LTE Wi-Fi is also available for owners and you can connect your phone contacts and apps and other information with the touchscreen entertainment system for convenience during a drive.

Ford Focus Electric

The 2016 Ford Focus Electric, just as the gasoline powered version, has plenty of room to seat five comfortably and will travel up to 76 miles per charge. This car comes equipped with a rear view camera, security approach lamps, 17-inch aluminum wheels and an easy to access charging port that makes charging at home simple to do. The Ford Focus Electric is comfortable to drive, has plenty of storage space in the back and can reach speeds up to 84 mph.

ford focus EV


Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

While the Smart ForTwo Electric Drives have been available only in limited areas of the U.S., this is a fun car to drive and is available with both gasoline and electric powered motors. The electric version will be available in late 2016 for the 2017 manufacture year. The Smart ForTwo had a rough start due to tight seating spaces and loose steering issues but these faults have been well improved for the new 2016 models and the interior has been redesigned with a roomier environment, a wider width that will ensure comfort for passengers and has a 106-inch length which allows excellent ease for parking in tight spaces. Unlike other electric cars, the Smart ForTwo is not only available as a coupe, but has the option to purchase as a convertible as well. As with many others, it comes with a touchscreen entertainment system that is compatible to use with a smartphone. The U.S. models will be available with an 89 Horsepower turbocharged engine that will go from zero to 62 mph in 14.4 seconds.

Electric cars tend to use less energy than gasoline or diesel fueled cars and will cost far less to run annually. They also have no dangerous and polluting emissions, are quiet to drive and can easily be charged at home while you sleep. While some are only available for sale on the west coast or even in the Northeast, you will find that others, such as the Chevrolet Bolt, will be available from coast to coast. If you find one that interests you and it is not available in your location, you can always hire a reliable auto shipping company to have it brought to you safely. If you prefer taking a little time to get more details on EV’s that you find interesting, you may be interested in knowing that the majority of car manufacturers will be working to have their vehicles available nationwide within the next year to two years. This is something that could bring a great change in the environment as more people will have the opportunity to purchase locally rather than having to travel or place long distance orders for a new electric car.

Nissan Leaf turns 5 with 200,000 cars sold

This month is the 5th year since Nissan launched the all electric Leaf in December 2010. Since then the Leaf has become the world’s best selling electric car by far. Nissan estimate that Leaf owners have driven a collective 2 billion KM or 1.2 B miles and saved over 300,000 tons of CO2.

The 200,000 unit will trundle of the production line some time in January 2016. The U.S., Japan and Europe have accounted for 90 percent of total LEAF sales, with the U.S. leading the way with more than 90,000 sales, followed by Japan (50,000) and Europe (40,000).

leaf in UKEver since the first Nissan LEAF rolled off the assembly line, it has been continually celebrated around the world, garnering more than 92 awards, including being named Car of the Year in Japan and Europe, not to mention winning the very prestigious World Car of the Year.

And it’s not just the LEAF that is showcasing Nissan’s EV engineering expertise and investment, as the company has reported that there are nearly 10,000 CHAdeMO Quick Chargers (QC) available worldwide. These QC can charge a LEAF from low battery alert to 80-percent capacity in just 30 minutes. Japan is taking the lead in developing this infrastructure with 6000 chargers throughout the country.


New Leaf

The new 2016 Nissan LEAF is now available with a new 30kWh battery that extends the miles per charge by more than 20 percent. UK shipments are expected at any time. Base Leaf models continue with the existing 24-kWh pack.

As the level of electric vehicle technology continues to increase, Nissan believes that this shift towards cleaner, more efficient zero emission vehicles will contribute greatly in improving air quality and lowering noise levels.

“EV technology will continue to be at the heart of Nissan’s product development efforts. By combining our pioneering EV technologies and other intelligence and innovations, Nissan is moving closer to a zero-emission future for car transportation. With the technologies we are creating, mobility is becoming safer, cleaner, more connected and more exciting. That’s the power of innovation. And that’s what you can expect from Nissan,“ said Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn.

Nissan revamp the Leaf with larger Battery Pack

The 2016 Nissan Leaf will be available with a 30KWh battery pack offering a claimed 150 miles of driving. The current 24KWh option remains. This represents a 25% increase in the pack and will increase range by the same amount.

Our real world test show the 26KWh is good for 100 miles. The 30KWh version will be good for 125 miles in regular driving mode.


Nissan are very excited about this new car and press release gushes with self praise:

This remarkable achievement – one that opens up a new world of opportunity for drivers – is made possible thanks to the introduction of a new 30kWh battery. The new battery is the highlight of an update package that will see the 2016MY LEAF 30 kWh reinforce its position as the most capable and practical electric vehicle in the world, and with the best value. The longer range significantly broadens the LEAF’s appeal – making it a true alternative to an internal combustion engine vehicle for thousands of motorists and reinforcing its position as the world’s best electric car. 

“The LEAF, the best-selling EV in the world, just got even better. And up-to 155 miles opens the world of EV to thousands of drivers across Europe who before just weren’t completely confident that an EV would work for them. This extra range will make LEAF ownership an easy first choice, for many, many more drivers.” Commented Paul Willcox, Chairman, Nissan Europe

Nisan must have some clever battery bods at work. The 30KWh pack is the same size as the 24KWH and only a modest 21 Kg heavier.  Key to the new battery’s higher performance is an update to its internal design and chemistry. The introduction of Carbon, Nitrogen and Magnesium to the electrodes improves performance, while the change to the cell layout also contributes to the gain. Indeed, Nissan is so confident about the performance and reliability of the new 30kWh battery that the capacity will be covered by an eight year, 100,000 mile warranty. 

Recharging the LEAF’s new 30kWh battery is as easy and stress-free as it is with the current 24kWh unit. Just as with the current LEAF, customers will be able to recharge from their homes, from public chargers, or from the network of rapid chargers (3 phase, 400V) expanding across European – the best EV network available. In the UK there are approximately 500 LEAF-compatible rapid chargers, covering more than 95% of the UK’s motorway network

New IT technology gives owners even greater control

One of the LEAF’s most celebrated and useful features is its ability to interact with and be controlled remotely by its owner via NissanConnect EV. From being able to check charge status to pre-heating the cabin on cold winter days, owners across the world have used this advanced smartphone-enabled telematics facility to make life even easier. NissanConnect EV not only brings greater comfort but also improves driving range, thanks to the ability to pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin without using battery energy.

leaf_2016_2ith_250KM range

The LEAF 30 kWh introduces a significant update to this unique technology with a new NissanConnect EV system that replaces the previous Carwings setup. It retains all the acclaimed elements of the original system, but adds new features, a much-simplified activation process and a new design.

One of the many advances of the new NissanConnect EV system is the new charging map that is capable of showing which charging points are available and which are being used. Designed to offer seamless integration with the new-generation NissanConnect EV infotainment system, it also features a completely revised navigation system, maintenance alerts and a car-finder facility. 

Nisan LEAF 30 kWh – the world’s favourite EV made even better

All Acenta and Tekna 2016MY LEAF models are equipped with the latest evolution of the the NissanConnect EV infotainment system. Featuring a new interface and digital radio receiver, it also offers a capacitive 7-inch touchscreen that allows owners to zoom in and out of maps and flick between menus just by moving their fingers on the screen.  

The LEAF 30 kWh also introduces a number of subtle exterior design changes – including a new roof-mounted aerial along with the availability of a new colour – Bronze.

Full pricing

Sales of the model year 2016 Nissan LEAF 30kW will begin in the UK in December 2015. Priced from £24,490 for the Acenta trim, the LEAF 30kW is available for just £1,600 more than the equivalent LEAF with a 24kW battery.

We look forward to driving one .

leaf_2016_test_drive leaf_2016_charge _cover leaf_2016_dc-charge

Nissan LEAF 2016 in White

Not one but two Leafs taking power in Surrey

Yes, two red Nissan Leafs taking electric power from Sainsbury’s Electric Car charge point in Godalming. The store was recently refitted and extended and 10 electric car bays were added to the car park. Today a pair of Nissan Leafs were both charging.

Nissan Leaf Charging Nissan Leaf Charging Two nissan Leafs charging EV info charging cable

The Nisaan Leaf takes 16Amps as standard and connects to a public charge point with a Type 1 to Type 2 Cable.

During a typical one hour shop the Leaf using the standard 3.3kW charger will take on board enough power for about 12 – 15 miles. A handy boost.

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This change also coincides with the launch on the Evinfo electric vehicle charging cables. The fist cable is now on sale. This is the key cable for any Nissan Leaf driver as it provides the one neccassary cable to chage from any type 1, or standrd charge point to the Nissan Leaf type 2 connector. See Charging Cables for more information.

EV Charging Cable