Fisker Ocean claims official EV range of 440 miles

Fisker has revealed the official driving range of the range-topping ‘Extreme’ version of its new Ocean SUV, making the car the longest-range electric SUV on sale in Europe.

The Fisker Ocean is the first model from Fisher Inc and is on sale and available to configure now.

Fisker has not detailed battery capacities for the Ocean, but the entry level ‘Touring Range’ battery used in the Ocean Sport model – priced from £35,970 – enables a range of 273 miles according to WLTP.

However, cars equipped with the ‘Hyper Range’ battery manage up to 440 miles on the WLTP combined test, far exceeding previous estimates of 390 miles and making the Ocean one of the longest-range electric cars on sale right now.

Prices for cars with this battery begin from £49,880 for Ultra specification models, rising to £60,880 for the Extreme with 440 miles of range.

When it comes to the car’s dimensions, Fisker says “The Ocean is 4,780mm long, which, to put in context, it’s about the same length as the BMW X3 or the Tesla Model Y. The wheelbase is 2,920mm – it’s pretty long, but that’s because we also have a lot of space for batteries. I mean, we have the longest battery range in the world in our price class.”

“The Ocean may be an SUV, but it drives like a sports car,” Fisker added. “It’s got the handling because it’s got torque vectoring, but it’s also got instant torque.”



The car’s 0-60mph times bear that out, with the 271bhp Sport model covering the sprint in 6.9 seconds, the 533bhp all-wheel drive Ultra version in 3.9 seconds and the Extreme model getting from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds thanks to a total of 543bhp. “It’s better than a Ferrari,” said Fisker.

The Ocean has two different battery chemistries for its two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive cars. Ocean Sports will use lithium-ion phosphate battery-cell chemistry, while Ocean Ultra and Ocean Extreme cars will use battery packs with a nickel-manganese-cobalt cell chemistry. All batteries are being supplied by CATL, with the different technologies being used to keep the price of the Sport model as low as possible and give the Ultra and Extreme cars what Fisker describes as “segment-leading range and performance”.

Fisker wouldn’t be drawn on actual battery sizes but did admit that the battery in the Ultra and Extreme models – called the ‘Hyper Range’ battery pack – was “much bigger” than 80kWh. The standard battery pack in the Sport model is called the ‘Touring Range’.

UK Sales

When the car reaches the UK, it won’t be sold through dealers, instead it can be bought or leased online, while there will be Fisker experience centres dotted around the country with the first rumoured to be in the Westfield shopping centre in West London. The brand’s first European centre is under construction in Munich, Germany.

In addition, there will be a number of distribution centres that will also take care of servicing. “Distribution centres will be outside the city where you can go out and pick up your car or you can get the car delivered to your home,” Fisker states.

The Ocean is only the start of the Fisker story, though, with the second model, the smaller Fisker Pear SUV, already in development and coming a year later. It’s set to be built by Foxconn, the company that makes Apple iPhones and other tech products.