Fisker Ocean

Fisker receives EC certification For Occean

Big news today from Fisker

  • European regulators have certified the Fisker Ocean SUV for sale
  • Deliveries of the Fisker Ocean One launch edition expected to start on May 5
  • Fisker has produced several units of the AWD Fisker Ocean Ultra and the FWD Fisker Ocean Sport
  • The company has seen an increase in European reservations for the Fisker Ocean since announcing a WLTP range of up to 707 km

The entire Fisker team is excited to get the Fisker Ocean One launch edition to our reservation holders,” said Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker. “Our first delivery is expected for May 5. After that, we intend to deliver all Ocean Ones by the end of September while also initiating some deliveries of the Fisker Ocean Extreme, starting in Europe with the U.S. to follow.”

He added that the company recently built several mid-trim level all-wheel-drive Fisker Ocean Ultras. In addition, Fisker also produced front-wheel-drive Fisker Ocean Sports, the lowest-priced trim level, for testing and homologation purposes. The automaker anticipates customer delivery of those trims will start in September.

Fisker recently announced a WLTP certification in Europe of up to 707 km/440 UK miles (on 20-inch wheels and tires) for the Fisker Ocean Extreme trim level, the longest of any battery-electric SUV currently on sale in the region.

Fisker has pursued a dual homologation process for the Fisker Ocean in Europe and the United States simultaneously, an atypical approach to adjust production and sales based on regional demand.

“Our unique business model enables this level of flexibility, which we are now capitalizing on,” Henrik Fisker said, noting that the announcement of the WLTP range for the Fisker Ocean Extreme led to an increase in European reservations.

Also, the Fisker Ocean recently won the prestigious 2023 Red Dot Product Design Award for Best Electric Vehicle.

Market says YES

The stock market seems impressed. Stock risen by 20% today after 8% yesterday with an uptick in volume.