Very fancy e – bike

Introducing the GREYP from Rimac

Most of the electric bikes we have seen and used have been on the basic or limited assist side of the spectrum. That all changed yesterday.

greyp ebike

That all changed when we discovered the greyp. – The world’s most advanced electric bicycle, or so they claim. And they are most likely correct. This thing is amazing: Look at these specs:

  • 12 KW of power
  • 120 Km range
  • 65 Km/h top speed
  • 80 min re-change time
  • Twin disc brakes on front wheel
  • Looks good
  • Available in the UK in 2014
  • Fingerprint security

We were attending the Salon Prive at Syon House and there amongst the fancy Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, Pagani, Spyker, Mclarens and other exotic four-wheeled super cars was the electric bike or motorcycle looking a little left out. Rimec Automobill the main company were also showing their first electric car. Another fancy machine.

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