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New CEO for Fisker

Fisker Automotive, the electric vehicle maker struggling to find its next round of funding, has appointed veteran industry leader Tom LaSorda as its CEO.

Sparrow driving to Seattle

See a first hand review of Sparrow as it drives from Kirkland to Seattle on the freeway. You Tube video [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNGTYxxKpac]
leaf charging

UK government extends electric van subsidy

The EV Van subsidy scheme, which was first announced last month, means buyers can get 20% off the cost price of a new vehicle,...

Fisker Karma on Top Gear

The boys from Top Gear drive the Fisker Karma on tonight's show. It is a mighty good looking car with 100% electric drive with a...

Washington State – Mad idea of the year

The state of Washington has allays been a little strange with a love hate relationship with Electric Cars. At one point they tried to...
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