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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Lessons from a year with solar power

 It was one year ago that we decided to add solar panels to our roof The main reasons were: Reduce our monthly electricity Help with reducing our...
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EV Grants slashed overnight

The UK Government just hit all potential EV and Plug In Buyers with a wet fish to the head. What are they thinking? On March...

Europe’s Most Financed Luxury Car Brand

Latest research from Specialist Car Finance Experts, Forza Finance, has revealed that BMW is the most popular luxury car brand to finance in 16...

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Harrods EV van

Harrods goes Green with Nissan e-NV200

Harrods takes delivery of custom EVs. Over 100 years after the legendary London  store first added an electric van to its fleet, Harrods is once...

Toyota churns out hybrids with 10 million sold

Like them or not Toyota know how to build cars with hybrid engines. Since the launch of the first Prius in 1997 they have now...
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UK Government Policy changes cause Solar Instalation to fall 50%

Yes, it's the fine minds in Whitehall that reduced the Solar Feed In Tariff by 65% while pumping Billions into so-called "Smart Meters" that...
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What share of the market do Electric and or Plug-In Hybrids represent?

We know that in 2013 the US market was a total of 16.5 million vehicles with 96,000 classifies as plug-in electric cars.  This represents just...

BMW i3

Coming in 2013 the BMW electric i3 car. The BMW i3, previously Mega City Vehicle (MCV), is an urban electric car under development by BMW...

Nissan continues to push Li-ion battery technology

Nissan develops silicon monoxide model that could help boost Li-ion battery capacity Researchers from Nissan and its materials research subsidiary Nissan Arc have developed a...


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Is Germany set to increase EV incentives?

German federal support for electric cars has been lukewarm at best, but it appears that this could change soon. Several European countries--including Norway, The Netherlands, UK and France--aggressively promote electric cars as a way to reduce traffic carbon emissions. Despite its substantial domestic car industry, Germany is not among them.

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File under interesting: Tesla to enter UK generation business?

Tesla applies for UK electricity provider licence The all electric car and battery maker has built up a significant battery storage business in recent years...

Energy efficiency ‘Green Deal’ launched

Energy efficiency 'Green Deal' launched by government Householders are to be offered long-term loans to help make their homes more energy efficient and cut bills...

Fiat 500e EV gets MPG rating

Our very own Reuters UK mentions that the new Fiat 500e has achieved a MPG rating equivalent to 116 MPG from the US Environmental...

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