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Saturday, September 26, 2020

High flying Nikola is a complex fraud

Nikola is not a completely new name in the automotive industry. For years, the startup has promised to change the world with...

Nissan produces the 500,000 LEAF

In celebration of World EV Day, Nissan marked the production of the 500,000th LEAF, the world’s first mass-market 100% electric car. With...

Growing EV Motor demand boosts Oxford based Saietta

Oxfordshire based  Saietta’s radical, lightweight and efficient motor has played its part in setting world speed records for electric powered aircraft and boats,...

Mini E

Mini E trial and results
carlos ghosen


Latest data in from the Renault-Nissan and now Mitsubshi Alliance (Alliance) shows they shifted just under 10 Million vehicles in 2016. 2016 Sales Total 9,961,37 Total EV 94,265 From...

BMW grows EV sales to 140,000 units in 2018

BMW Group sold 140,000 EV and Plug In Hybrids during 2018 with a near 40% growth on 2017.
MultiBio biomass boiler

UK Energy Co-Operative brings latest Biomass Boiler Technology to market

Business is hotting-up for the Biomass Energy Co-operative as it introduces the next generation of multi-fuel biomass boiler to the UK market. The new technology,...
Tesla model s

Model S P85D scores 103%

Consumer Reports award Tesla Model s p85D 103 out of 100, breaking their scoring system. According to a new report (warning super slow website) out...

Aston Martin to bring Electric Rapide to market

Andy Palmer, MD of Astom Martin said the company will bring an all-electric version of its four-door Rapide to market in two years.


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Top 10 Most Reliable Used Cars includes Nissan LEAF

Extended warranty firm Warrantywise reveal the Top 10 most and least reliable used car brands and models according to its Reliability Index. When...

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Volkswagen to invest €15 billion in advanced powertrains over next 5...

The Volkswagen Group has invested some €3 billion  in “alternative” drive technologies over the past five years, and plans to triple this amount over...

Nissan celebrates 75,000 EVs in Europe

Nissan PR mention that they have sold a good number of cars in  Europe, And that 's good for the UK as they come...

Solar subsidy cuts slash 12,000 jobs

A third of solar jobs have likely been lost in the UK, found the report by PwC for the Solar Trade Association (STA), based...

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