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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Jan new cars sales continue falling apart from EVs

The UK’s new car market dipped -1.6% in January, according to the latest figures released today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers...

Electric GT Could Make EVs Even Trendier

The best thing about electric vehicles in 2019 is that they’ve become trendy. We can thank Tesla for this in large part,...
Tesla in EC with type 2

Model 3 invasion of Europe about to set sail

Seems that the first boat load of Tesla Model 3s are to leave California most likely heading for Europe.
Tesla S EV

Tesla Q1 results – impressive and stock climbing

Last week on May 8th, Tesla published its 1st Quarter results, announcing a profitable quarter for the first time ever in the company’s ten year...

Washington State – Mad idea of the year

The state of Washington has allays been a little strange with a love hate relationship with Electric Cars. At one point they tried to...

Tesla and Panasonic to Collaborate on Photovoltaic Cell Production

With Tesla and Solar City merging after the Tesla purchase the combined company will be looking to get its balance sheet more in order. Both...
driving with glasses

Right Prescription? Road Ready!

A recent government survey done by Brake in conjunction with the DVLA and auto insurer RSA showed 26% of drivers had not had their vision tested...
Fiat 500 EV

Fiat 500e EV gets MPG rating

Our very own Reuters UK mentions that the new Fiat 500e has achieved a MPG rating equivalent to 116 MPG from the US Environmental...
leaf b mode

Solar vision or lack off from UK Government

It is close to the shortest day of the year and the least productive day in the Northern half of the planet to produce...


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Nissan Leaf gets larger battery for 2016

Nissan announces new 30kWh battery for Leaf with longer range, alongside updated infotainment and new paint options We've known about it for some time, but...
EV info charging cable

New cable delivery

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VW land large e-Golf order with ZipCar

Volkswagen and car-sharing company Zipcar struck up an innovative partnership in 2016 which, in the two years since, has led thousands of Londoners to...
bmw i3

BMW see substantial i3 demand

Europe has sluggish car sales - apart from the UK most market are hurting So when we learn that the BMW i3 is selling well...

Porsche shows 918

Porsche board sign off 918 for production.

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