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Friday, May 25, 2018

Hot Spring Sun drives UK to record solar power

It's not Nevada but the hottest early May bank holiday weekend ever resulted in solar panels powering their largest-ever share of the UK’s energy...

Heathrow to use Jag i-Pace EV to help slash airport emmissions

The new Jaguar I-PACE will form the heart of an all-new zero-emissions luxury chauffeur service to and from Heathrow Airport. As many as 200...
niro ev pair

All electric Niro from KIA to be launched at Paris show in September

KIA is set to join the full EV club with an all electric version of the NIRO mini SUV. Kia unveiled a new all-electric version...

How to boost production ramp up?

Tesla have a problem with how to ramp production of the Model 3. Since the first showing on March 31st this year Tesla has...

Tango all electric vehicle on Seattle Ferry

Picture kindly sent in from Rick Woodbury the CEO of Commuter Cars. Rick was driving to the islands in Puget Sound and from Seattle there...
smart meter

Smart meters are not smart or beneficial and their use needs to be clarified

The wide spread introduction of so called Smart Meters across the UK is set to cost consumers £11bn. We say for no or little benefit....
leaf b mode

Solar subsidy cuts slash 12,000 jobs

A third of solar jobs have likely been lost in the UK, found the report by PwC for the Solar Trade Association (STA), based...
leaf charging at EV Info HQ

Nissan dealers offering $10K rebate on Leaf Electric Cars

If you want a Nissan Leaf then getting one before the start of January could net you a hefty cash-back offer right now. Some Nissan dealers are...

MPs call Green Deal energy loan program ‘abysmal’

The government's energy efficiency loan scheme had an "abysmal" take-up rate because it had not been tested with consumers, MPs have said. The "Green Deal"...


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