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Sunday, January 17, 2021
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UK wants to ban 100% ICE power by 2030

Boris has spoken and started the end of the petrol engine in the UK Under Boris's new Green plan, the sale of new combustion engine...
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First month in European history that EV sales surpass Diesel

This year has been a turbulent time for the global car market, espicially in Europe where car registrations dropped by 29% during the first nine...
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European EV and PHEV market share expands to 97,000 in Aug

We are at 11% The European plugin market is growing fast, having registered over 97,000 registrations in August (+171% YoY), placing last month plugin share at...
Tesla in EC with type 2

UK electric cars sales up by 150% Year on Year

UK Electric-car sales leapt by 151.8% in October, with 3,162 new battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) joining Britain’s roads. Data compiled by the Society of Motor Manufacturers...
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DBT expands charging station production line

The French company DBT is Europe's leading producer of Electric Car Charging station equipment. As the number of Electric Cars on the roads increase so...

Economist Editor’s Pick – Article on Electric Cars

If you check out the Economist's website site and read the Editor's pick you will see a good article on the growing adoption of...
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Tesla Model X launch date set for Sept 29th

We have known for some time that the Model X will ship in September. We now have an actual date as Tesla has sent...

Transition to Electric Cars is going to shake the industry to the ground

Interesting report from Reuters showcases what we have been saying for some time. The  transition to electric mobility will put 75,000 engine and gearbox manufacturing...

VW smash Pikes Peak record with all electric record breaker

French racing driver Romain Dumas, broke the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb record in clocking a time of 7:57 on the 12.42 mile (19.99 kilometre)...


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Nissan continues to push Li-ion battery technology

Nissan develops silicon monoxide model that could help boost Li-ion battery capacity Researchers from Nissan and its materials research subsidiary Nissan Arc have developed a...
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Tesla Model 3 – Video review after 10K miles

Our friends over at Fully Charged have just released a light harted video review of the Model 3 whilst they are under lock down. An...
nissan leaf at Taybridge Towers

Nissan Leaf drops in to EV Info HQ for test drive...

Today a Nissan leaf owned by our friend Robert Sharpe of EV Consultancy, EverGreen Consulting, came by for a visit, test drive and a...

Are Drax barking mad?

A report in the Telegraph today reports that Drax is optimistic that tight UK power supplies this winter will raise electricity prices, after low...

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