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Saturday, November 17, 2018

New battery plant in UK – Hyperbat

On the eve of the annual Low emission trade show and bun fight LCV2018 managed by CENEX we have an interesting announcement of a...

Biofuel in the air

10 years ago a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 flew from London to Amsterdam powered by a mixture of Brazilian babassu nuts and coconuts. The...

German EV manufacture Sono anounces 5,000 deposits and Dutch test drives

Seems that the demand for city EV is alive and well and Munich based Sono is bringing the Sion EV to the Netherlands for...

Nissan moves into Energy Storage with old LEAF batteries

News that Nissan has fond a novel way to utilise old LEAF battery packs. Convert them into lamp posts. This week, Nissan and  4R Energy...
MultiBio biomass boiler

UK Energy Co-Operative brings latest Biomass Boiler Technology to market

Business is hotting-up for the Biomass Energy Co-operative as it introduces the next generation of multi-fuel biomass boiler to the UK market. The new technology,...

Opel / Vauxhall / Chevrolet Ampera / Volt wins Car of the Year

The car with two names and three brands has taken the highly coveted Car of the Year award at the Geneva motor show. What's...

Frazer-Nash Metrocab showcased

Starting in 2018, all new taxis in London will need to be capable of running as zero-emission vehicles--a policy recently announced by Mayor Boris...
wind turbine

More electricity from wind than coal in 2016

A report from Carbon Brief shows that the UK generated more electricity from wind than from coal during 2016. The milestone is a first for the...
Is this the next Nissan Leaf Plug In car?

Nissan shines light on future Leaf EV

At this weeks Tokyo motor show, Nissan revealed a new concept car, the IDS. This gives us a glimpse of the future and possible new leaf at some point. The Nissan IDS concept includes wireless inductive charging, a host of intelligent driving tools and rather interesting styling.


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