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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Biofuel in the air

10 years ago a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 flew from London to Amsterdam powered by a mixture of Brazilian babassu nuts and coconuts. The...

German EV manufacture Sono anounces 5,000 deposits and Dutch test drives

Seems that the demand for city EV is alive and well and Munich based Sono is bringing the Sion EV to the Netherlands for...

Another pure electric Hypercar. Just what the world needs

Good news if you are looking for the ultimate super super all electric car and can't hang around for the Tesla Roadster II. Pininfarina have...

Apple show their future of in car iOS navigation

Apple's in-car infotainment system has been a long time coming. After it was announced at the company's annual WWDC conference in June last year,...

Nissan prepares to slash battery production

Reuters reports that Nissan is preparing to cut battery manufacturing, people familiar with the matter said, in a new reversal on electric cars that...

New CEO for Fisker

Fisker Automotive, the electric vehicle maker struggling to find its next round of funding, has appointed veteran industry leader Tom LaSorda as its CEO.
leaf and zoe

EV sales data for 2016

The EAFO have just released sales data for 2016. EAFO you say, well they are the European Alternative Fuels Observatory based of course in Brussels...
BMW i3 Launch

Record UK car sales for 2015

Last year 2015 looks as if a record number of cars rolled off the forecourts at British car retailers as rising consumer confidence, low...

National Grid’s battery storage plants

Battery storage plants will be given UK government subsidies to provide electricity when supplies run low in a breakthrough for a technology considered crucial...


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Very fancy e – bike

Introducing the GREYP from Rimac Most of the electric bikes we have seen and used have been on the basic or limited assist side of...

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BMW i3 electric car

BMW i launch in London

We are heading to London to attend the i3 launch in the City later today. Should be an interesting session: BMW UK marketing team...

A123 not to receive federal funding

The U.S. Energy Department will not give A123 Systems the balance of a $249 million grant The news comes a day after the bankrupt battery...

The US and China ratify Paris climate Agreement

China and the United States have formally joined the Paris climate deal, a giant step by the world’s two biggest polluters in confronting global...

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