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Nissan shows good looking Ariya Electric Crossover SUV

Nissan knows a great deal about making and selling EVs based on the LEAF and is now expanding its offerings with the...

Top 10 Most Reliable Used Cars includes Nissan LEAF

Extended warranty firm Warrantywise reveal the Top 10 most and least reliable used car brands and models according to its Reliability Index. When...
tesla charging

Tesla sold more than 90,000 cars last quarter

Tesla sold more than 90,000 EVs last quarter
tesla model 3 test car

Has Tesla managed to push Model 3 production to over 2,500 per week?

Tesla has many thousands of deposit holders waiting for their car. Since the Model 3 launch in late July 2017 the production rate has inched...
leaf charging with Green Coil Type 1 to Type 2 Cable

Move power as you shop as charge points expand

Supermarkets double electric charging posts

EV Charging Points

We were visiting Microsoft today in the English summer for a bit of a technology update. Outside building three - A two car charging point for...
Tesla model s at factory

Tesla factory tour

Tesla have just released a quick factory tour: All over in 90 seconds from start to finish. See the inside of the Freemont facikity...
formula e jaguar

Jaguar joins race for electrification as it firms up plans for Formula E racing...

Jaguar is back in motorsport after joining the Formula E Championship The UK-based luxury car brand will race in the 2016/2017 season "We firmly believe electrification...
heathrow CHP Plant

UK Power Needs

An excellent article from the Economist (Jan 25th 2014) on the state of the UK's power generation, grid connections and the increasing risk of...


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Three US states to spend $1.3 billion on electric vehicle charging

California, New York, and New Jersey’s new efforts could boost EVs beyond niche status Three US states announced major investments in charging infrastructure for electric...

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