Tesla Sales Data - Annual Production

Tesla is the poster child for the entire Electric Car industry and movement. Since the company was founded by Elon Musk in 2003 the company has been both a disruptor and a visionary leader. 

The first Tesla was the Roadster based and built around the Lotus Elise in low volumes. The Model S changed everything when it was released in 2010. The words first quality all electric car. The Model s was followed by the Model X SUV with Falcon doors in 2015. 

It was not until 2017 with the launch of the Model 3 that Tesla that the rest of the world was introduced to Tesla with its first ‘affordable’ car. The Model Y followed in 2019.

The chard below shows annual productions number for Tesla. – Other pages show more detailed data reporting on both quarterly production and delivery numbers, sales by model as well as revenue.

Tesla has been an visionary company to date that has demonstrated the demand for Electric Vehicles does exist even as large car companies claim that demand is limited.

Holders of Tesla stock has also had a wild ride as Tesla has grown into the multi billion dollar company worth virtually more than all the other car companies combined. 

Tesla Deliveries by Quarter

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Tesla Annual Production Units

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Model S&X and 3&Y Deliveries

Tesla Model S and Model X compared to Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Deliveries (2018 onwards). Source Tesla.

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