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Our History

Prior to Taybridge Consulting Alastair was COO of Commuter Cars in Washington State where he led the creation of the Tango electric car: Possibly the fastest Electric car ever sold. Alastair was also the co-founder of SpitFire Motors of Seattle and Miami.

See the Sparrow in action as it heads to Seattle.

Our Skills

BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Brunel University London
MBA in Technology Management from Seattle Washington

Contact Details

EV Info
Weston Yard

Albury, Surrey, GU 5 9AF

(44) 0203 371 8355 (main number)

Email: [email protected]

About us

We have a passion for electric vehicles and love all that they stand for.

This site and blog is produced by Taybridge Consulting and managed by Alastair Dodwell.

Evinfo.info is a division of Taybridge Cables Limited. Company #9932391 registered in England and Wales.

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