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BMW i3

i3 driven by Top Gear

Top Gear hack Paul Horrell reviews a pre-production BMW i3 and likes it. Highlights: One day, the idea of cars driven by electric motors will become routine. After...
nissan-leaf-recharging at-evgo-freedom-station-daly-city-california

California pushes EV while Whitehall does nought

National Plug in day was a large event in some part of the world - especially the US.  It was pretty much ignored in th...

0% APR Offer Making Used Smart Cars A Popular Consumer Choice

Everybody wants more for less. That is apparently why more and more value seeking consumers are turning to pre-owned smart cars. There are some...
Tango Electric Car

Commuter Cars lobby EC for Tango

Rick Woodbury CEO of Commuter Cars shared with us a report that is currently being distributed to members of the EC. The report details the...

Auto CAR compare Tesla to Aston Martin

Thanks to AutoCAR for playing with and penning a decent review, for once. They enjoy the Tesla S and an Aston Martin Rapide S as...
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