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EV Grants slashed overnight

The UK Government just hit all potential EV and Plug In Buyers with a wet fish to the head. What are they thinking?

On March 18th with no warning or discussion the EV grants used to help finance an EV or Plug in were removed,

Plug-in car grant drops from £3k to £2.5k

Eligibility upper limit reduced from £50k to £35k  

Electric cars are already expensive and adding more to the price is a dead certain to slow down the ramp. Rather than peanilise drivers doing the right thing the Government should have added a few pence to a litre of Petrol and Diesel at the recent budget. This was a golden opportunity to nudge consumers off ICE power. Instead they have done the opposite and nudged consumers away from electric cars.

Read the groveling statement on the UK Gov site.

Note the quote from Transport Minister Rachel Maclean

We want as many people as possible to be able to make the switch to electric vehicles as we look to reduce our carbon emissions, strive towards our net-zero ambitions and level up right across the UK.


Since the announcement a number of EV manufactures have either increased their own finance offer or reduced their pricing. 

Today we received a communication from Tesla: Tesla will cover the £2,500 for new Model 3 orders delivered before 1 April 2021. 

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