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We were in London earlier this week and dropped in at the first UK Fisker showroom in Westfield Shopping Centre to see the first Ocean in the UK with RHD..

We can conform that this is well designed and good looking vehicle that if it can be delivered at the promised prices will be a good seller and should be popular in the UK and Europe.

It offers good looks, great range, thoughtful design and at competitive pricing.

Fisker should do well.

On display was an Ocean Extreme with the Full Open Roof with integrated solar panel, swilling touch screen. Finished in Big Sur Blue with Sea Salt interior.

A great looking car.

Deliveries are expected in Q4 this year for the Extreme with the Ultra in Q1 2024 and the Sport in Q2 2024.

Fisker Ocean Extreme from £60,880

  • Range: 440 Miles

  • Powertrain: Dual Motor AWD w/ Rear Disconnect

  • Battery: Hyper Range

  • SolarSky Roof

  • Drive Modes: Earth, Fun, Hyper

  • Revolve 17.1″ Central Touchscreen

  • Digital Rear View Mirror

  • Power Liftgate

  • Fisker Pulse Audio System Powered by ELS STUDIO 3D®

  • California Mode

  • Smart Traction (Q4 2023)

  • Boost Mode

  • Front/Rear Heated Seats

  • Limo Mode

  • Find My Fisker

Fisker Ocean Ultra from £49,880 

  • Range: 379 Miles

  • Battery: Hyper Range

  • Powertrain: Dual Motor AWD w/ Rear Disconnect

  • OpenSky Roof

  • Drive Modes: Earth, Fun, Hyper

  • 17.1″ Central Touchscreen

  • Digital Rear View Mirror

  • Power Liftgate

  • Fisker Premium Sound +

  • California Mode

Fisker Ocean Sport from £35,970 

  • Range: 273 Miles

  • Powertrain: Single Motor FWD

  • Battery: Touring Range

  • BigSky Roof

  • Drive Modes: Earth, Fun

  • 17.1” Central Touchscreen

  • Digital Rear View Mirror

  • Power Liftgate

  • Fisker Premium Sound

Looking to purchase

 The all-electric, zero-emissions Fisker Ocean delivers previously unthinkable levels of sustainability, with a vegan interior and recycled materials throughout.

 Join us in shaping the future of e-mobility by reserving your very own Fisker Ocean!

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