Fisker Ocean Review

Fisker ocean showroom

We had the chance to drive the brand new Fisker Ocean at the recently opened Fisker showroom in Milton Keynes. In the showroom there were around a dozen Fisker Ocean Extremes awaiting collection from customers and a number of test vehicles.

The first impression:  

Extremely positive the Ocean is a great looking car, it’s high off the road especially on the 22 inch wheels that are standard, it has good proportions, plenty of glass and a general positive attitude.



The Fisker Ocean is very well designed with plenty of attractive little features that make it much more interesting and enjoyable than other similar electric SUV’s. For example, there are three driving modes, your basic Economy, Sport and performance or Boost Mode that are selectable via a button on the steering wheel. The selected mode shows in the mini display in front of you. Other quirks include having no glove box but having additional storage below and under the central transfer tunnel between the front seats. Plus, there is a swing out table that Fisker call the Taco tray that pops out next to the driver’s seat where you could place your iPad or iPhone when you charge, and the passenger has a similar shelf that swings out where the glove box would be.

The range claimed to be an impressive 400 miles or so switching between modes will use more or less power in the respective modes Eco and Boost. We were told that the software will be updated to reflect the change in range. The ride seems pretty good, you sit quite high up as in most SUV’s but the view was exceptional with plenty of glass making the car light and airy as well as providing generally good visibility. The ride was fine not too harsh even with the massive wheels. Steering was fine responsive and sharp.

In some ways Ocean is like the Volvo SC40 SUV. Good looking squarish SUV with clever design features from a company that regards good design as part of the brand. Not bad company at all.

Like many pure EVs the performance is god, too – in Boost mode, the car will get from 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds.

The boot, at 476 litres, is nice and square with a low, flat loading lip, capacity rising to 918 litres with the rear seats folded. The floor folds up to reveal more storage underneath for cables and the luggage cover, and also features three hooks to secure shopping bags – another clever touch. As is the rear door glass that will drop independently – as well as in California mode – so you can drop stuff into the car without opening the boot door or carry longer loads.

The central screen is super responsive and informative with good software, so good it could have come from Tesla. It is streets ahead of Toyota and VW from a software perspective the screen is high res in portrait mode and has the ability to switch to landscape when parked for viewing movies or websites. The screen is supplemented by small switches for the heating controls. Plus, there was a secondary screen directly in front of the driver that shows mode speed and navigation but I think a lot of drivers will like.

This is the car there has been well designed and well made with plenty of innovation inside and out. For example, the front bonnet cannot be opened by the consumer but only by fiscal support. So no Frunk. One, assumes this hides the electronics the charger the inverter ETC. How you change the windscreen fluid, or a light bulb is unknown at present. Maybe new LED lights never fail and can’t be changed.

Pricing and specifications

Fisker is just now delivering cars into the UK and claim over 300 happy customers already driving their Oceans around. The initial batch of cars are the Fisker Ocean Extreme at this model gets all the bells and whistles including 440 mile range 3.9 seconds to 60. The solar sky roof with starting price or £58,000. The Ultra, shares the same battery and four wheel drive but starts at £50,000, while the Sport with a smaller battery and single motor front wheel drive starts at £37,000.

Each model has plenty of options in terms of colours and trim cleverly the options cost more with the lower price models this makes the comparisons somewhat tricky in that the Ocean Extreme includes featured that in the Ultra you need to pay for.

Overall impression

The Fisker Ocean is a very competitive electric SUV with a good range plenty of design interest and had a good price especially for the Ocean Sport we expect sales to be considerable in the UK and Europe


Fisker Ocean Extreme Specs

Prices and Range
£ 60810 From
  • 440 Miles
  • 3.9 Seconds
  • Dual Motor AWD

Fisker Ocean Ultra Specs

Prices and Range
£ 58180 From
  • 429 Miles
  • 4.2 Seconds
  • Dual Motor AWD

Fisker Ocean Sport Specs

Prices and Range
£ 39795 From
  • 288 Miles
  • 7.4 Seconds
  • Single Motor FWD


Company Update

Fisker disclosed Monday in an 8-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that an unnamed institutional investor who holds its outstanding 0% senior secured convertible debt due 2025 has entered into an amendment and waiver agreement.

Among parts of the agreement, all financial covenants related to Fisker’s cash reserves were waived, which makes the company’s unrestricted cash available for use.

The agreement also includes a waiver of any remaining remedies resulting from Fisker’s previous late filing of its 10-Q audited report of results for the quarter ended Sept. 30.

“Among other matters set forth in the filing, Fisker and the investor agreed that upon a definitive agreement with a strategic OEM [original equipment manufacturer] partner, any liens on intellectual property would be released, further enabling the company to pursue strategic collaborations,” Fisker said in a statement. “Additionally, the amended agreement waives all financial covenants with respect restricted cash used for operations.”

Fisker’s stock has still tumbled 41.1% year to date and has plunged 81.1% over the past three months. In comparison, the Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicle ETF DRIV has gained 6.7% the past three months and the S&P 500 index SPX has rallied 14.9%.



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