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Mer Price Increase

Recent communication from Mer, who run our local charge points in Midhurst, West Sussex.

As has been widely reported in the news over the last year, the rising cost of energy has impacted consumers and businesses as well as bringing volatility to pricing for energy providers. 

Although there has been some relief with the increasing cost of energy in recent months, prices remain three times higher than 2021, and the discontinuation of a large energy support package offered by the previous government to businesses has amplified these costs.  

Therefore, despite our best efforts to maintain our current charging prices for as long as possible, we have made the difficult decision to increase our public charge point prices for rapid chargers and above from 2nd May.  

The new prices from 2nd May public stations which Mer own and operate will be as follows: 

Fast chargers – Up to 25kW (will not be impacted by this price increase)  

  • Registered users– 55p 

  • Non-registered users– 56p 

Rapid chargers and above – From 50kW 

  • Registered users over 50kW – 76p 

  • Non-registered users over 50kW – 78p 

Who is Mer?

Mer is a European EV charging company owned by Statkraft. Through our extensive experience with renewable energy and electric mobility, we are combining the best of both worlds to power the European shift towards a purer way of transportation.

Statkraft is a Norwegian state-owned utility company, committed to playing a leading role in the development of renewable energy. In the UK since 2006, Statkraft operates renewable production facilities such as hydro-power, onshore wind, and solar, and provides grid and energy services as well as electric vehicle services.