Solar PV Production March 2023

159.16 kWh

solar production march 2023

March 2023 may be one of the most gloomy and grim March months ever recoded. 

The Telegraph reported:

Parts of southern England have had only a tenth of the average sunshine during the first two weeks of March, according to data from the University of Reading. Exeter and Yeovil had the least hours of sunshine so far, with 8.2 and 10.9 hours respectively in the month until March 14.

Overall, March has been around 2.5C below average temperatures, but has not been an unusually cold start to spring, the Met Office said. Peter Inness, a lecturer in the Meteorology Department at the University of Reading, said gloomy weather at the start of March could be giving the impression that the UK is experiencing a long, cold winter.

“The records show that actually this year hasn’t been that unusual,” he said. “But the last week or so has been below normal for sunshine and well above normal for rainfall. So that will colour people’s perceptions.”

Graph of sunshine from University of Reading.


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