Solar PV Production October 2023

235.63 kWh Produced

solar PV production Oct 2023 Solar Edge

October 2023 was slightly below average sun shine and generated just over 235 kWh of power for the month and around 7.6 kWh per day on average. Some very cloudy days resulted in zero output.

Total consumption for the month was 931 kWh as shown below.

Giving total import of 787 kWh and Export of 91 kWh

solar PV Oct data 2023 Solar Edge

Solar production to date 2023: Shows the dismal March and the more respectable May and June data with July producing only a few kWh more than April and August just a few more kWh that July. September was reasonably sunny and contributed 360 kWh.

solar PV year to date 2023 Solar Edge

See complete Solar Project details with year to date data:

Switched to new Octopus Tariff

As our existing Octopus Go tariff expires in August we made the switch to Octopus Intelligent.

This is a replacement for Go and available to EV owners. With this rate Octopus talk to your car and determines a charge plan each night. You need to configure your car with the Octopus app and set charge levels and time of departure. So far this seems to work reasonably well. Full report to follow.


Switch to Octopus

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Looking at Solar PV

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