Tesla factory tour

Tesla model s at factory

Tesla have just released a quick factory tour: All over in 90 seconds from start to finish. See the inside of the Freemont facikity where the Tesla model S and Models X are made.

The Tesla Model 3 is expected to be shown in March 2016 and we expect that Tesla will open the order books at the same time. The shipping date from initial orders is a huge unknown. It could be late 2016 at the very earliest or much more likely 2017 and with right hand drive possibly 2018. And that’s for initial orders.
The Model 3 has to ship in large volumes and needs the giant battery factory that is now referred to a Gigafactory to come on stream. The factory is under construction in Nevada. When complete this will be the largest battery factory in the world by far. It will also be on e of the largest building in the world. Tesla plan to increase production to manufacture more battery storage per year than is currently produced in all other factories.
tesla battery factory


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