Tesla Supercharger Network expands to 1,000 in UK

With the recent addition of Sidcup Supercharger there are now 1,000 Tesla Superchargers spread across 100-plus UK locations.

The 1000th Supercharger is situated in the newly opened London Sidcup Supercharger site at Ruxley Manor with 15 charge points available.

The site is accessed from the A20 and offers amenities, such as a restaurant, café, grocery store, garden centre, hand car wash and toilet facilities.

The Tesla Supercharger network is now eight years since the first Superchargers were installed in London at the Royal Victoria Docks in 2014.

The ongoing expansion of the Supercharger network will ensure that drivers are able to quickly, seamlessly and reliably charge their vehicles, says Tesla.

Further V3 Superchargers, that provide up to 250 Kw charging be added at future locations, these add up to 75 miles of charge in five minutes and charge at initial rates of up to 1,000 miles per hour!

Tesla Supercharger network growth

Tesla installed its 500th UK Supercharger on the A12 outside Colchester in June 2020, with the total number swelling to 624 chargers across 73 locations by March 2021. Now with 1000 Supercharger stalls – as Tesla officially calls them – in over 100 locations you can see how swiftly progress is moving here.

Tesla’s chargers are already a common sight in service stations and car parks across the UK, and the company says there are now more than 30,000 charging points and in excess of 3,000 stations worldwide. The Supercharger network is one of the main reasons that Tesla electric car ownership has been so viable, even for early adopters; it works seamlessly and hasn’t suffered from the reliability issues that some other networks are notorious for.

You’ll probably have seen the banks of futuristic-looking white stalls at motorway service stations dotted around the UK’s main trunk road network. Owners can see where the stations are on their sat-nav, which also indicates which chargers are in use and which are unoccupied. So while the cost of charging an electric car continues to rise as energy prices keep climbing, Tesla does at least show how to make it as convenient as possible.

Pre Warm

Tesla’s warm-up feature gets the battery cells at the ideal temperature for charging on the way to the charger, and that means when the car is connected to the Supercharger, power transfer is as efficient as possible – right from the start. All you do is tell the car to head to the Supercharger via the map and the Sat Nav gives you directions and arrival time and actively manages the battery pack for optimum charging.