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Is Wood The fuel of the future?

WHICH source of renewable energy is most important to the European Union? Solar power, perhaps? (Europe has three-quarters of the world’s total installed capacity...
biomass logs

The Economist Newspaper reports on Biomass

The Economist has just published a detailed report on the state of the European Biomass industry. It starts with a look at Drax power...

Vauxhall push Ampera

In an effort to launch the advanced Ampera vehicle Vauxhall are providing an incentive they call Leading the Charge. This provides: You'll love it when we...

Algae powered VW TDI

Some of the very first car ran on fuel derived from peanuts. Since then the vast majority of our fuel has been derived from nasty...

Tesla surpass Model s delivery expectations – stock surges

Tesla motors on what is not an April fool joke said it expects to report a first-quarter profit on both a net and adjusted basis following sstronger-than-expected sales of its Model S.
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