zero carbon

The Centre for Alternative Technology present 'Zero Carbon Britain'

 Zero Carbon Britain’ on 11 March at 7.30 at the United Church, Jewry Street, Winchester, SO23 8RZ.

The Centre for Alternative Technology at Machynlleth in Wales presented their important report ‘Zero Carbon Britain’ to Parliament when it was published towards the end of last year.  Alice Hooker-Stroud, the research director, will  present their findings.  These show a realistic and practical route to a Zero Carbon Britain by 2030, including reviewing land use and the importance of renewable energy.

Using only current technology and acting in line with the current climate science, we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to net zero whilst  maintaining a modern standard of living.

We can provide a reliable energy supply for the UK with 100% renewable energy sources and flexible carbon neutral back up. Without fossil fuels, nuclear power, or gambling on the promise of future technology.

We can grow the vast majority of the food we need for a healthy, low carbon diet, and manage our land to capture carbon, nurture biodiversity and increase the health and resilience of our ecosystems.

We can create 1.5 million jobs, improve our wellbeing, and help ensure the future we leave for our children and generations to come is safe and sustainable.