Audi A3 plug in charging

Startup chRget looking to solve universal charging problem

This may be a problem that you have never encountered but you could if you wanted to drive your EV around the globe and charge at every opportunity.

chRget are looking to produce a universal smart charger for any EV to charge from any plug.


CHRGET effectively charges any model of electric vehicle (EV). Its intelligent system is analyzing the parameters of both EV and the local grid, dynamically adjusting the optimal charging power. The rich kit of 32 adapters allows you to keep your EV safely charged in 200 countries in the World. The mobile app provides remote monitoring and control.

The rich adapters kit includes 32 adapters, making CHRGET compatible with any socket in 200 countries. Each adapter reports data on the carrying capacity of the socket it is plugged in. CHRGET works with all existing power grid parameters, such as 80-400V and 50-60Hz.


To fund development of the project the company is looking for cash to bring this interesting idea to life. Check out the plan on Kickstarter

Project has a target of £40,000 and has reached £15,000 at post date.

An interesting idea.