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Tesla Model 3 revealed as having the highest EV sales volume worldwide

Just last week our Government cut the EV grant by £500 and now excludes EVs that cost more than £35,000.

A report from Uswitch has revealed tono great surprise that the Tesla Model 3 achieves the highest sales volume worldwide, a model that will now be excluded from the grant as it costs more than £35,000.

So, which other EV brands are the most popular per country? Uswitch has done the research and created an interactive map to reveal which models and makes people are investing in around the world. 

You can view the full research and neat interactive map here.

Out of 60 countries’ EV data that was analysed, Tesla came out on top in 20 countries

  • Tesla’s Model 3 achieves the highest sales volume worldwide being the top model purchased in 19 countries worldwide 

  • Ranking as the second and third most popular electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are Nissan and Renault

  • The USA is the leader in the EV industry, as California-based, Tesla, dominates the market worldwide 

Here is a table of the top EV manufacturers around the world:

Top EV Manufacturer 

No. of Countries Dominating the EV Market 

Top Model



Model 3















Citygo EV




Tesla dominates the EV market in over a third (39%) of countries analysed. With Tesla selling 365,500 cars in 2019 – more than three times more than they did in 2017 (103,100) – this result is no shock.

While Tesla commands the electric car market in the likes of Canada, USA, China, the United Kingdom and Australia, Nissan is the EV leader in many European countries such as Portugal, Poland, Ireland and Hungary. 

The UK has over 30,000 charge point connectors across the country[2] with Tesla also having an even distribution of charging points across Britain[3]. This suggests there is an ever-growing demand for EV charging points, particularly when comparing the figures to 2017 when there were less than 15,000[4] charging points in the UK – half of what are currently available. 

From the research, it is clear to see the Model 3 from Tesla dominates the EV market by a large percentage, as it is the top-selling model in 20 countries. In the UK, Model 3 sales spiked in April and May during the lockdown as motorists began rethinking their needs during the peak of coronavirus. EV sales are also predicted to accelerate in the latter end of 2020 as vehicles continue to become more affordable and Britons realise they can save money on bills by purchasing one.

Following the leading EV provider is Nissan, with their Leaf model taking the prime spot in nine countries (such as Japan, Poland and Portugal) and then Renault’s Zoe, which is the top-selling model in six countries (such as France, Italy and Spain).

Which EV are you looking at?