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leaf to grid charging

Nissan boosts UK Battery production

Nissan UK has just announced plans to invest £26.5m in its production of electric vehicle batteries in Sunderland. These will be used in the...
leaf charging with Green Coil Cable from post

Good news for UK Electric Car buyers

The government has woken up and acted in a rare display of sensibility extended the Plug In grant that was due to expire at...

See real time source of your electricity

Do you want to know where you electricity comes from? As an EV driver you have zero tail pipe emissions but the power your charging...

Telegraph comment from Christopher Booker on Rudd and her suicidal energy policy

Great article in this weekends Telegraph by Christopher Booker analysis the latest government energy policy dished out by chief nimwitt Amber Rudd. See the article...

London blows past EU Pollution Limits in first week of 2016

London needed only seven days to exceed EC pollution limits for all of 2016. By the end of the week, levels of NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide)  had already...
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