Nissan Leaf

EV info charging cable

New cable delivery

Just received a new delivery of EV Charging cables: These are Type 1 to Type 2 cables for charging electric cars from public charging stations, like the two Nissan Leafs drinking in Godalming.   The cables are 5 meter 16Amp and fit cars with a standard Type 2 connector: Therse include the Leaf, Prisus Plug […]

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Re branded

Today has been rebranded to focus more on global information and less on the UK market and as such is  now operating on the domain and URL. The will redirect to and readers will not miss any reports or news. This change also coincides with the launch on the Evinfo electric

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Nissan EV Van

Nissan lists "Europe's five most breathtaking electric drives"

To celebrate the summer travel season, our friends at Nissan have just compiled their five best Electric Car drives in Europe with routes in five countries: Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, the U.K., and France. Nissan has identified five of Europe’s most breathtaking electric drives, using its all-electric LEAF – the world’s best-selling electric vehicle –

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