Visit West Berkshire EV-ENT to see EVs from Audi, BMW, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, Tesla and VW

Our Showcase of Electric and Hybrid Cars (EVs) takes place this Saturday (28th May,  10:00am to 4:30pm in Northbrook Street, Newbury)
Plans are going well and we’re delighted to have 10 cars from 7 manufacturers (Audi, BMW, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, Tesla and VW).
We also will have a WBGE booth where we will advise people generically on EVs and, of course, promote the WBGE itself. To help shoppers not already in that part of Northbrook become aware of EV-ENT we plan to hand out to children colourful balloons with the EV-ENT and ‘Change the way you move’ logos. These are air (not Helium) balloons, on sticks.
Sales of Electric and Hybrid cars continue to rise as awareness grows. Drivers are keen to benefit from the Government’s ‘Plug in’ grant of up to 35% towards the cost of a new electric (plug in) car up to a maximum of £4,500 depending on model and 20% of the cost of a van up to a maximum of £8,000; and to save money on fuel whilst reducing emissions.
Road transport is responsible for 92% of the UK’s domestic transport greenhouse gases with the majority coming from cars, taxis and vans.  Cleaning up these emissions is great for the environment, but there are other health benefits to consider. Emissions from the tailpipe include, among others, particulates (microscopic particles of matter which are a by-product of combustion), and NOx (nitrogen oxides) which directly impact local air quality. The Department of Health estimates that poor air quality costs our economy up to £17 billion each year through increased health problems and reduced life expectancy.
If you do attend please pop in and chat to our friends at Evergreen Consulting.
Learn more at www.wbge.org.uk