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VW TDI engine

VW European owners no compensation offered

It seem that the VW Group will not offer compensation to European customers who bought a diesel car with "cheat" software, taking a different tack...
Tesla power wall

Battery Power starts to compete with Peaker Plants

An interesting report from Lazard and covered in the FT confirms what we have known for some time. The cost of battery storage is...

Coal gets fired by Rudd

The Government has announced plans to close all coal-fired power stations by 2025 and restrict their use by 2023. Announcing the decision ahead of a...
Tesla model s at factory

Tesla factory tour

Tesla have just released a quick factory tour: All over in 90 seconds from start to finish. See the inside of the Freemont facikity...
tree planting drone

How to plant 1 billion trees?

We found this news clip on the BBC website entitled The drone that can plant trees An interesting idea that is under development by a firm...
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