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UK runs coal free for 3 days

Our collective love for coal is toast. For three days Britian used no coal fired power stations with power instead comming from wind and gas. Coal...
tesla model 3 test car

Has Tesla managed to push Model 3 production to over 2,500 per week?

Tesla has many thousands of deposit holders waiting for their car. Since the Model 3 launch in late July 2017 the production rate has inched...

National Grid plans 350kW Electric Car charging network

Chargers with up to 350kW charging capacity could be installed in 50 motorway locations. The National Grid has pitched a network of 50 electric vehicle charging stations with...

Tesla model 3 in UK mid next year, maybe

Recently Elon Musk gave a shout out to the UK market about the timescales for a local or in other words a Right Hand...

UPS to increase use of Electric vans in the Capital

Battery-powered delivery vans weighing over seven tons could prove to be cheaper to own and run than traditional diesel vehicles by the early 2020s,...
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