Launch party

Tesla open new Weybridge store

We received an invitation to attend the launch party of the latest Tesla UK store in Weybridge, Surrey. This sales location is housed in an old Honda shop that has been vacant for some time. Tesla have transformed the building in a high street store with plenty of passing traffic. Weybridge is an affluent area…

bmw 3 seriers

BMW 3 Plug In

The best-selling BMW 3 series is getting a make over with slight changes to the body and the powertrain lineup. The cabin is getting a major boost with extra chrome highlights, a redesigned center console and improved materials on touchpoints around the cabin. There’s also an upgrade to the navigation system, which boots up and…


Understanding Electric Car Charging

All Electric Vehicles need electricity and they need to charge. However charging is not that easy to understand. There is far more to charging than manufactures imply especially as there are a number of differing charging technologies and plugs. Unlike computers there is no Plug and Play. As a daily driver of a Nissan Leaf…

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