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carlos ghosen

Nissan to post record results in 2017

Nissan expects to post record sales in 2017 as a stronger global economic growth buoys demand for the car industry, offsetting the impact of...

National Grid’s battery storage plants

Battery storage plants will be given UK government subsidies to provide electricity when supplies run low in a breakthrough for a technology considered crucial...

World Nears Peak Fossil Fuels for Electricity

Interesting report from Bloomberg that predicts the end of the increasing demand for fossil fuels let by a change in  the fuels used to...
paris in smog

Paris clouded in Smog bans cars

It's getting grim in the city of lights as Paris clamps down on traffic in a bid to curtail pollution. The city restricted traffic in the...
smart meter

Smart meters are not smart or beneficial and their use needs to be clarified

The wide spread introduction of so called Smart Meters across the UK is set to cost consumers £11bn. We say for no or little benefit....
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